Why spring is the best time of the year to fix your roof?

Spring is in the air. The good weather is on its way, which means you can finally take care of all those chores you were putting off throughout the winter months. If you have been needing to fix your roof then now is the best time to cross it off the list. Roof damage is a pain. It can result in leaks to your home, a noisier home, and less temperature control to your home. Before the damage worsens, get your roof repair done this spring. You’ll reap the following benefits of having it repaired in the spring as opposed to other seasons.

Spring roof repair is a money saver

The two most popular times of the year for roof repair are spring and autumn. These seasons afford the ideal weather, especially in North Texas. The demand for roof repair is slightly higher during autumn because homeowners see a window of opportunity between storm season and winter season. Roofing contractors see the demand as a chance to increase premiums. As such, roof repair in the spring is likely going to be cheaper than roof repair in the fall. Also, companies have to match supply with demand. Contractors often cannot keep up with the high number of projects in the fall. This prompts a waiting list for customers. You won’t have to deal with any significant backups or be put on a waiting list in the spring.

Preps your cooling system for the summer months

Daka RoofingIf your roof is not properly insulated then it can allow hot and cold outside air into your home. This coincidentally affects your heating and cooling systems. Unwelcome hot or cold air puts added pressure on your air conditioning unit. Moreover, your a/c is overworked. A new roof, or a repaired roof, will fix this issue. The Texas heat can be a huge burden on a roof, therefore, having your roof repaired in the spring will best prepare it for the ruthless Texas summer. Your home will be properly insulated and the only thing affecting the temperature of your home will be your heating and cooling systems, just as it should be.

Easier on the roofers

The end result is most important when it comes to roof repair. With that being said, it’s nice to consider the people who are executing the repair. Temperatures are brutal in Texas from as early as May to as late as September. Roofers have an unbearable job in the summer months. Temperatures reach the triple digits consistently. Plus, the common asphalt texture of a roof actually enhances the heat. If you want your roofers to be most productive then hire them in the spring. They’ll get more done in less time, it’s as simple as that.

Best to do it between bad weather months

Roof repair takes longer in the winter. All replacement shingles have to be thermally sealed, which can add several days to the project if being worked in cold temperatures. On the other hand, shingle repair in the summer can be a challenge too. The excessive heat makes shingles more fragile to a roofer’s nail gun. Thus, shingles get damaged more easily upon installation, forcing repairers to have to re-apply them. To avoid these repair issues and to have your roof in prime condition for the threatening months of the year, it’s best to have it repaired in the spring or fall. For Texas homeowners, the spring is best because the summer is more damaging to a roof than the winter.

If you are in need of roof repair, please contact your top roofing source, Daka Roofing. We’ll estimate your roof for free and we will execute your roof repair timely and precisely. Take advantage of the spring season to check roof repair off your to-do list.