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At our Garland roofing company, we are able to work on both residential and commercial roofs. We have been in the industry for over a decade and have worked with all of the various materials and styles. From flat roofs to shingles to Spanish tiles, you can count on us to provide expertise with any type of roof that you may have. We believe it’s important to maintain a roof so that there are fewer problems throughout the life of the roof. Further, you can extend the life with annual maintenance. When you call on us at Daka Roofing, we can identify what repairs need to be made and what can be done to keep your roof in better overall condition moving forward.

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Comprehensive Repair Services

No matter the quality of the roof you’ve had installed on your home, the passage of time and inclement weather invariably cause the roof to weaken. There are also instances where unpredictable issues lead to more rapid damage of your roof, such as a heavy hail storm. No matter what caused the damage, we are here to provide you with comprehensive repair services that will fix the damage to your roof in a timely and efficient manner. Before any work begins, we will inspect the roof to determine whether a repair or replacement is the correct course of action.

In order to ensure that your repair costs are kept to a minimum, you should consider the maintenance and inspection services that we offer, as these services will be able to spot any potential issues in your roof before they’ve turned into a costly repair, which could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the road. If damage to your roofing is caught early, the maintenance and repair costs could be kept relatively low. However, if the damage isn’t caught soon after it’s occurred, the continued winds and weather that hit your roof throughout the year will likely cause additional damage that leads you to spend more money than you otherwise would have on repairs. Some of the main roofing issues that our trained employees help to repair include missing or loose shingles, damaged roof ventilation, missing flash materials, and missing nailing.
Along with the aforementioned issues that may need to be repaired, our repair services also extend to the damage caused by hail. When a hail storm moves into your area, the damage to your roof can be unavoidable, especially if the hail is larger in nature. However, our repair services will be able to fix the issue in a timely manner so as to ensure that your roof is back to peak condition in no time. The damage caused by hail can vary substantially, which is why we conduct a comprehensive inspection before we begin work in order for you to be aware of any issues that the hail has caused to the shingles, flashing, vent hoods, or other accessories installed on your roof. If you believe that your roof has become damaged, contact our roofing contractor in Garland to explore all of your repair options.

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Here at Daka Roofing, we aim to provide premium residential roofing services to customers in Garland and nearby cities such as Mesquite, Richardson, Allen, Plano, and Frisco. We have been in the roofing business for over 15 years, so we understand what it takes to ensure that your roof is strong and in good condition, no matter which service you select of ours.
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After a storm or anything else, Garland roofing inspections are critical. We can send one of our contractors out to identify if there is any damage.
In addition to providing a visual inspection, we can use special equipment that can pinpoint where the damage is and how extensive it is. We will provide you with visual documentation of the damage as well as a full workup of the damage and what needs to be done. This will provide you with more information to ensure that you are able to make an educated decision as to what needs to happen.

We have become one of the best roofing contractors in Garland and the surrounding area because of our detailed inspections. We want to be open and honest with you, which is why we provide you with visual proof of what’s going on across your roof.

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At Daka Roofing, we are licensed and insured. Our professional roofing company is family owned and operated and we look forward to assisting you with roofing repairs, inspections, and new roof installations.
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