Professional Roofing VS Do-It-Yourself Roofing

Weighing Professional Roofing and DIY Roofing

We live in a prideful world where everyone wants to do everything on his or her own. While that is often a heroic, noble approach, there are certain circumstances where that approach isn’t the best. For example, repairing or replacing a roof.

Repairing or replacing a roof is time consuming, tedious, and dangerous. Therefore, despite any online tutorials you’ve indulged in or HGTV programs you’ve watched, it is best to avoid the do-it-yourself route and hire a professional to handle a roofing job. Here’s why:

Benefits of hiring a professional roofer

First of all, safety is a significant benefit. Pro roofers scale roofs for a living. They know where to stand or walk, what to watch out for, and how to get up and down. On the contrary, those who are not trained roofers are at greater risk of slipping and falling, resulting in potential injury or injuries. An injury may be unlikely; however, it’s safer not to risk it.

Roofer working on a roof repairOpting to hire a professional contractor is a time-saver. Consider the amount of research you’ll have to do just to determine what tools are needed for the specific repair. Then you have to find them, buy them, and apply them. Furthermore, you won’t have any specific idea as to how long the project will take. Tutorials are one thing, but there is a good chance repair will be more difficult and time-consuming once you start to dig in on your own. A professional will bring his/her own tools, expertise, and execution.

It is also a money-saver. Hiring a pro may very well save you money in the long run. Homeowners always view DIY projects as a cheaper option. This can be accurate, though, what if you handle a roof repair or replacement as a DIY project and screw it up? Suddenly, you’ve created a bigger issue with your roof and you will either have to buy more materials or hire a contractor on the second go around. Professional repairs will be done correctly after one attempt. Professionally completed jobs will also provide you with closure, knowing your roof is in good hands.

Additionally, bringing on an expert roofer is also a precautionary route. Roofers will inspect your roof to determine if there are other issues besides the one they were called to your home to repair. This could prevent re-occurring or follow-up issues to your roof. If you attempt to repair a roof on your own then you will forgo an inspection or at least a professionally completed inspection.

Benefits of repairing or replacing a roof on your own

There is really only one benefit to DIY roofing–it is cheaper if you do it right the first time. For simpler repairs such as sealing a roof leak or fixing a shingle, you likely will be able to execute without any issues. These can be quick repairs with minimal equipment. Each repair is cheap and it wouldn’t be worth your time and money to hire a professional roofer if you can do them correctly on your own.

We don’t mean to knock down the do-it-yourself approach. It is just important that you think a roofing project through before climbing atop the roof on your own. When you are weighing the options of DIY or professional roofing, think about quality, closure, and safety.

Daka Roofing will provide you with all three. If you are seeking professional assistance for your roof, contact Daka Roofing today! We will set you up with a free estimate, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work!