Why You Should Use Daka Roofing

Whether commercial or residential, real estate is a big investment for owners. For homeowners, this investment is of even greater significance, and thus it is imperative that they do all that they can to preserve and even increase the value of their homes.

Unfortunately, time and tide have ways of causing damage to even the strongest structures, and this includes roofs. These components have vital roles to play in the overall integrity of buildings, so when they sustain damage entire supporting structures can be put at risk. If allowed to go unrepaired, roof damages that began as small issues can quickly develop into major expenses.

Thankfully, avoiding this fate is easy with the help of our professional roofing service. Here at Daka Roofing, we are proud to serve the residents of the Plano area. We specialize in diagnosing, repairing, designing, and installing a variety of roof styles.

Roof Damage is Costly

It can be easy to ignore stray shingles, small leaks, or seemingly small areas of corrosion, but these minute surface signs can mask deep structural issues. It can take professional tools and procedures to ferret out some of the more insidious forms of roof and substructure damage, and at our Plano roofing firm, we field just such technologies. Some of the forms of damage we find and mitigate include:

  • Insect Damage: Termites have their place in the environment, but unfortunately they seem to prefer the wood found in Texan real estate. These small pests cause untold amounts of structural damage every year, and these issues are expensive to repair. Luckily, if caught early the damage caused by these pests can be remedied.
  • Weather Related Damage: Texans are no strangers to powerful storms or the structural damages that often accompany them. Hurricanes and tornadoes are common threats, as are hail showers.
  • Age-Related Damage: Roofs that are 25-years of age or older are often prime candidates for preventative inspections and repairs.
  • Trauma-Related Damage: Basic trauma can also cause serious damage to roofs and their component parts. Falling tree limbs are common complaints, and they can cause significant amounts of destruction. Fire is another oft-seen cause of roof failure and collapse, and fire-related issues usually require professional attention for proper remediation.

How We Help Protect Your Investment

At Daka Roofing, we can help to protect your roof and thus your overall investments. Some of our services include:

  • Inspections: Many types of roof damage are not apparent to the naked eye, and other issues require the application of professional tools and technologies.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Good offense can be the best defense, and by using our preventative maintenance service you can proactively protect your home or business roof from common forms of damage. By taking care of small problems early, you can also save yourself or your business significant time and expense.
  • Installations: If you plan on constructing a new property or roof, our design specialists can help you at every step of the journey.
  • Replacements: When the time comes to completely replace your home or business roof, we can deconstruct your old one and build you a new one.
  • Repairs: Sometimes a small repair is all that is necessary to make things right. While we welcome the largest jobs at our Plano roofing firm, we don’t shy away from helping our customers out with tiny ones.

Daka Roofing: Faithfully Roofing Plano, TX

A healthy roof goes a long way towards protecting both structures and their inhabitants. At our firm, we stand ready to help you to keep your home or office roof in the best possible condition. If you are experiencing the effects of roof damage and you want to protect your long-term investment, call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation about your unique needs. At Daka Roofing, we plan to be faithfully roofing Plano, TX for many years to come. Visit our Service Areas page to see the cities we service. Don’t forget to stop by our blog to learn more about our company.

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