Why You Should Choose Us as Your Frisco Roofing Contractor

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home or business. Regardless of its material, you need to make sure that it is being taken care of properly. Annual maintenance will involve inspections as well as small repairs so that issues do not become problematic.

Our Frisco Texas roofing services will ensure that your roof is taken care of throughout the year, every year.

Why Choose Us?

At Daka Roofing, we are locally owned and operated. We have been in the roofing industry for years and have the expertise to deal with both residential and commercial roofs.

We have a fast dispatch time, which means you never have to wait for an extended time to get a repair or a roofing inspection. All of our roofing contractors are licensed as well, providing you with peace of mind.

As a Frisco roofing company, we are licensed and insured. Our professionalism is why many customers continue to choose us as their preferred roofing contractor year after year.

We are also pleased to let you know that we have competitive pricing. You can count on us to provide you with upfront pricing that is affordable. After all, we want you to have a quality roof that you can count on for protecting your home or business for years to come!

Our Roofing Services

At Daka Roofing, we offer a wide array of services to ensure that all of your roofing needs are met.

If you need a repair because of the age of your roof, excess water, hail damage, or something else, contact us. We can send someone out to inspect the roof and make recommendations for the repair. Our goal is to provide you with a repair as soon as possible so that the problem doesn’t continue to get worse.

If you need an inspection, we will be able to use various tools to deliver more information about your roof. This includes being able to identify the “where” and “what” of what’s going on. Further, we can tell you how long your roof is likely to last based on the current condition.

Should you need a new roof, we can identify the best materials. Let us show you how a new roof can be cost-effective because of being energy efficient. We can talk about various materials for your new roof:

  • Shingles
  • Slate
  • Spanish tiles
  • Copper

We will go over the pros and cons of the different roofing materials to help you decide. We can also provide you costs of different materials to ensure you are able to look at the whole picture.

With all roofing work, we will provide you with a written estimate. This will make it easier for you to know the costs upfront. It will also prevent you from getting surprised when the invoice arrives.

A little maintenance with your roof in Frisco goes a long way. If you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a facility manager, you have to look at what it means to maintain your roof so that it lasts longer. With annual inspections and routine repairs, your roof will be less likely to incur severe damage (which can also be costly). Let our contractors help you establish a maintenance schedule that works well for the type of roof that you have.

When you are looking for a Frisco roofing company, call us at Daka Roofing. We look forward to inspecting your roof and providing you with a quote for service! If you aren’t located in Frisco, don’t worry! Check out our service areas page to see where we work. Also, don’t forget to stop by our blog page for some super great

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