Dallas TX residents needing roof repair

Dallas Residents needing roof repair

Roof damage is nothing to be taken lightly in Dallas, TX. Anytime your home’s protector is suffering, you need to do what is necessary to get it back to full health. Whether its damage caused by heavy winds, hail, or general wear and tear, problems will only worsen the longer they are neglected. The good news is most roof repair needs are simple as long as you catch them early.

What to look for when inspecting your roof

You may not even have to go to the top of your roof to determine if there is any damage. From ground level, you can inspect your home’s siding. Check drain pipes, window sills, gutters, mailbox…anything that you feel could have been damaged by a hail storm. Dents to any of these items could indicate damage to your roof and could warrant a roof repair.

roof repairIf you do climb atop your roof, take precaution. Be sure to wear shoes with stable tred, wear gloves for grip, and use a ladder to get to the top. You should not actually climb.

Once you’re up there, inspect any metal parts of the roof. This could be your chimney, vents or skylights. Dents to metal are going to be much more noticeable than dents to roof shingles, especially if the sun is shining on the metal.

Next, check the flashing. Flashing is the part of the roof that covers all of the joints. It surrounds the aforementioned chimney, vents and skylights. It may also run throughout other areas of the roof. You’ll see stripes of metal or steel. Take a close look at them to see if there is any evident damage. And when we say close, we mean it! Damage to flashing can be the first entryway for water to seep through and cause leaks or flooding.

Finally, you must inspect the shingles. Before monotonously looking at one section of shingles at a time, take a peak at the gutters. Sometimes granules from the shingles will trickle down to the gutter if in fact hail or wind caused a single to lose its form. You can feel the singles for dents or you should be able to notice a color differentiation. For example, asphalt shingles will show a brown underlay.

Rely on a professional roofing company for inspection

Of course, your best option is to depend on the professionals in Dallas, TX. Expert roofers will know exactly what to look for and they’ll carry the necessary equipment to thoroughly analyze the condition of your roof. You might as well seek a full proof expert opinion, especially when it comes to something as important as the health of your roof.

After inspection, the roofing company will inform you whether or not roof repair is needed. If the damage is bad enough then they could suggest a roof replacement. Either way, an estimate should be completed alongside the inspection to give you an idea as to how much either option will cost. Roof replacement will certainly be costlier than roof repair.

When we say experts, we mean Daka Roofing! Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will have an accurate assessment done on your roof in a heartbeat. If it turns out that a roof repair is needed, we will write you an estimate and have it repaired. Please visit our website—https://dakaroofing.com—and our blog to gain additional roofing input.


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